At Express 24clean you can relax and leave the dirty work to us. With quality, our team and flat rates you can rest assured that your home will be spotless in no time. We guarantee our work so you can feel confident about your decision. If you are unhappy with your cleaning for any reason simply let us know and we'll re-clean for free! Book your Chicago cleaning service with us. 

Standard VS Deep Clean Rates: 

Standard Clean: We provide 3-4 hours of service to your residence and bring all green cleaning supplies and equipment.

Deep Clean: We provide 5-7 hours of service to your residence and bring all supplies and equipment. Additional $35/hr for exceeding hours.  


All products are green except bathroom cleaning supplies. Occasional use of bleach may or may not be needed in the bathroom. 

Employees only use company vacuum if residence does not have pets. If tenant owns a pet they must provide their own vacuum in order not to prevent spread of furs/hair.   

Before and after photos will be taken of unit and used for records and promotional use 




Whats Included

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Area

  • Dust all surfaces, vans, vents, tables & chairs, shelves, blinds, mirror, glass fixtures, clean floors, garbage, Vacuum/mop, cobwebs, ceiling fans.


  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub and sink. Dust all surfaces, clean floors, mirrors, garbage and recycling


  • Dust all surfaces, Empty sink and load dishwasher, wipe down exterior of stove top. Table tops, bathroom counters, Window seals, Under A/C unit Stove fan,microwave + inside, outside of appliances, Sinks, outside of cabinets, outside of fridge, clean floors, trash

Detailed Extras:

Extended time on area of focus: $30/hr

Inside the oven: $20.00

Wall Stain Removal: Varies

inside the refrigerator: $20:00

Baseboards: $35.00

Inside  cabinets: $15.00/4

laundry (wash&fold), organization,





Express24clean pays attention to every detail of your home. Every time we use their service we know exactly what to expect, they are reliable on every promise and deliver exceptional results. I highly reccomend the express24clean team. -Sean